Tree-Nation mix - Selecting the project and species for you

If you plan to plant a large quantity of trees you can ask Tree-Nation to make the projects and species selection for you. We call this the 'Tree-Nation mix'

Once you have chosen the right Plant & Offer pricing for you, you can either decide to handle the project and species selection directly or leave this task to us.

Here is how we proceed when we do the selection for you:

For the 10/10, 10/10+ and custom, Tree-Nation will choose the different projects among the list of planting locations specified in the packs.

1.00€ /tree - 10/10 Planting locations:
Madagascar, Nicaragua, Nepal, Tanzania, Kenya, India (multiple projects), Colombia, and Thailand.

2.00€ /tree - 10/10+ Planting locations:
Madagascar, Nicaragua, Nepal, Tanzania, Kenya, India, Colombia, Brazil, Spain, France, and the USA.

We may have more than 1 project per country so we will select the project according to the project funding necessities and planting capacity.

We will then select up to 3 species per project focusing on biodiversity and also in function of the species stock availability. Not all species have the same cost, so we will also take this parameter into account to make sure we match your exact budget.


Our 'Mix' focuses on biodiversity and bringing multiple environmental and social benefits to local communities.

If you have a preference for a specific species or project, please let us know and we will take it into account. You can find the species list of each project in the section 'Species' inside each project.

Before we proceed, please let us know if you want to include a custom message in your trees.

Main Projects involved in our 'Mix' selection