What is the price of a tree?

The price of a tree is about 1€ or 2€, but it can start as low as 0,30€ per tree.

Tree prices vary greatly depending on the species type, the project scale, and the region:

  • In Tree-Nation we manage both very large-scale projects (with usually lower costs) and 'niche' projects where costs are higher but that are better for local biodiversity.
  • For some species, it is relatively easy to find seeds and grow them, but for other species that are under the threat of extinction or just very slow-growing, it may be very difficult to collect seeds and they may need a longer time within the nursery. All this affects the cost.

In our project section, you can find the cost per tree on every project in the green button named ‘plant from’.

Cost per tree button

We associate no additional costs with your trees. It's a one-time payment for the lifetime of the tree :)


Please note that some services come with some specific set of species and have fixed prices. Please find the info about the pricing of each service in its corresponding section.