How can I follow the progress of my trees?

Your forest has a specific section designed for this: the forest updates section.

Your forest update

For every plantation project, frequent updates and articles are posted on the project Updates section. Those updates are then replicated to your own forest Updates section, only showing updates for the projects you have trees in.

Your forest updates:

Updates 1

Project updates

You can also access the full list of all updates from all projects by clicking in Projects Updates in the main navigation:

Updates 2

Within the Updates section, you can not only read the project's latest updates but also leave comments, questions or encouragements for the local planters.


You will also receive a notification within the website for all the projects you follow. See the red dot:

Updates 3

When you click on it:

Updates 4

In order to not send you too many emails, please note notifications are only within the website and this functionality does not send you any emails.

Follow more projects

You can also decide to follow new projects. For this, use the yellow Follow button available for each project.

Updates 5

Updates 6


Subscribing to our newsletter is also a good way to stay tuned on the projects' major activities. Make sure you subscribe from your Settings page.

Updates 7

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