Sponsoring the Seeds Game

Sponsoring trees means you will be an official sponsor of the Seeds Game.
The Seeds Game is an online game that plants real trees.
Tree-Nation users plant Seeds and try to convert these seeds into trees.
A tree is planted when a seed reaches 100 water drops.
Users play the game by planting and watering seeds! Learn how it works here.

Possibly the best way to plant trees and raise awareness of Climate Change at the same time
What we like most about sponsored trees is how much awareness you can raise for every single tree. As each tree planted will need the collaboration of hundreds of people around the world (to water the seeds), each sponsored tree, therefore, embeds a great amount of awareness spread over social networks.

What this means is that when you sponsor a tree you get the same benefits of planting a tree, but you also make sure that hundreds of people will not only be aware of it but actively participate to make it happen. This collective effort makes every tree a medium to raise awareness in the fight against Climate Change and deforestation. It shows we can do something about it, and besides, it's easy to get involved.

What you get as a sponsor
- As the seeds progressively transform into trees they will start appearing in your forest and within your tree counter, like any normal tree.
- Each tree you sponsor will feature your profile icon and name (or brand).
- You will be featured on the main Seeds page
- The Seeds Game also makes each tree a bit more special, by decorating it with quality content and exposing it to more views.

And all of this can happen thanks to you becoming a sponsor. Try it today!
Click here to become a sponsor