Project - Planting sites page

The information about the trees planted and the exact timing, place, and species for when they are planted are available in the section 'Planting sites'.

As you may imagine, the timing for a tree to be funded and planted is quite different. We try to be sharp in what we do and not mix one thing for another. We realize providing more information and details sometimes creates more confusion and that's why usually other platforms do not bother to provide such a level of detail. But we do. We believe you care about having the correct information. This is part of our commitment to transparency.

When we refer to a tree being 'planted' we mean this tree has been physically planted. When we refer to a tree being 'funded' we mean that we received the adequate funds to plant it.

In each project, you will find the information for both the trees funded and the trees planted.

The main counter displays the trees funded. If you plant a tree, it will directly affect this counter.

Screenshot 2022-08-11 at 15.05.28

 If you click on any planting site you will find a precise 'ledger' of our tree planting activities.

We believe this system helps us provide you with the most transparent, sharp, and detailed information about your trees.

To keep learning about this topic, check our species capacity and learn when we plant trees.