VCS and CCB certification

Third-party CO2 and forest management certifications add a second layer of guarantee, external to Tree-Nation, for maximum transparency.

                                     Verified Carbon Standard CO2 Certification (VCS)

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The VCS Program is the world’s most widely used voluntary GHG program. Over 1,600 certified VCS projects have collectively reduced or removed more than 500 million tonnes of carbon and other GHG emissions from the atmosphere.

The program provides the Verified Carbon Standard, a global standard for GHG emission reduction and removal projects. 

Projects developed under the VCS Program must follow a rigorous assessment process in order to be certified. VCS projects cover a diverse range of sectors, including renewable energy (such as wind and hydroelectric projects), forestry (including the avoidance of deforestation), and others. Emission reductions certified by the VCS program are eligible to be issued as VCUs, with one VCU representing one metric tonne of greenhouse gas emissions reduced or removed from the atmosphere.

The VCS will ensure that all project-based voluntary emission reductions that are independently verified to meet its criteria - defined as Voluntary Carbon Units (VCUs)- represent real quantifiable, additional, and permanent project-based emission reductions.

However, VCS doesn't mention the safeguard related to ecosystem services or biodiversity.

Climate, Community, and Biodiversity Standard Certification (CCB) 

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The Climate, Community, and Biodiversity (CCB) Standards assure that land management projects have been implemented using the best practices for community engagement and delivering positive benefits for local communities and biodiversity conservation.

The joint VCS+CCB certification provides a way to ensure the quality of the carbon credits at the same time it shows additional benefits beyond carbon mitigation. 

VCS/CCB certifications are often associated with REDD+ projects