Bring a counter to your office / events

What is the visual counter?

After listening to our clients and as a way of improving our products and helping our partners make the best out of their planting commitment, we developed a special site that simplifies the content gathered at your forest and puts all the attention on the counter. The purpose of this counter is to allow you as a Citizen or Company to display the number of trees planted filtered by any period of time (day, week, month, year…) alongside the total counter. 

This tool is especially useful for campaigns, events, and challenges, or even to give you additional motivation to keep improving your forest and your mission.

Through this URL, you will be able to select the period of time of your planting commitment you want to display, and encourage others to join your mission by showing them your planting achievements. 


Case Study - Zurich

Zurich wanted to create a daily challenge for an event where the goal was to plant as many trees as possible. As an example, they used their daily tree counter, showing how many trees they planted that day, as seen on this example website:

Thanks to the counter Zurich was able to show their commitment and keep track of the trees planted in a very straightforward and easy way while also watching the counter grow and achieve the goal during the event. 

Zurich day copy

How do I display my counter in real-time?

Here are the options to display your tree counter depending on the period of time you decide to showcase:

  • Day counter:
  • Week counter:
  • Month counter:
  • Year counter:
  • Total counter:

Following this URL, you will be able to display the desired counter. 

Now show the world your commitment and leadership through our virtual counter! 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Customer Support team, they will gladly assist you.

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