Managing multiple forests

Gather all your company trees in your Mother Forest

If your company operates in several countries you may be interested in launching both local and group tree-planting campaigns. The ideal setup would be to have one forest for each local branch and also one global forest. We offer precisely this option!

How it works

Create one forest for each country where you operate. Each time you need to plant trees you can do it within those forests, at a local/country level. Then, create another forest for your company group. We will mark this forest as the 'Mother Forest' and its tree counter will account for the sum of all the trees planted by each local forest. You will be able to measure your impact per local branch as well as communicate globally on a larger number.

Make the best out of your sustainable efforts

The Mother Forest lets you take your company planting commitment to the next level and have an overall impact on your monthly or yearly sustainability efforts. To set up your Mother Forest, please contact your Forest Success Manager. They will gladly help you set it up.