Your Trees

Every tree planted on Tree-Nation has a virtual companion, the virtual tree, that will keep you informed about the real planted tree.

All these virtual trees appear in your forest. 
The benefit of this is that you have a page (your forest) that is actually a compilation of trees planted around the world. 
The trees are the key component that makes up the platform. Everything has been thought out and designed to make the experience of planting a tree as easy as possible, so that we can plant as many trees as possible. 

When you or your company plants a tree with Tree-Nation, you receive a virtual tree in your Tree-Nation account. This virtual tree:

  • Keeps you informed about the real planted tree.
  • Provides information about the species of the tree you've planted.
  • Gives details about the location and other information about the project you've chosen.
  • Allows you to download your Tree Certificate.
  • Lets you see comments left by people on your tree.

This way, you can stay connected with your contribution to reforestation and climate change mitigation, even if the physical tree is planted far away from you

You can also personalize the tree image and the tree message, or you can add a species image. It iis up to you!



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