What is a Planting Habit

Select or create your #hashtag campaigns and inspire new traditions for planting trees.

At Tree-Nation, our goal is to cultivate and encourage consistent tree-planting habits, or commitments, for both individuals and companies, tied to particular behaviors, events, or actions. We aim to establish new habits of planting trees in response to specific triggers, such as gifting a tree for every meeting attended or planting a tree each time a significant team milestone is achieved. With the Tree Hashtag feature, the impact of these planting habits can be quantified, allowing sponsors to identify and adopt successful tree-planting habits that resonate with their values and objectives. The Planting Habit is the easiest way to : 

  • Link your activities to trees.
    Any meaningful activity in your company can be connected to a tree being planted.
  • Define your commitment by selecting which planting habits you want to support.
  • See trends and measure the success of your campaigns to stay up-to-date with topics that are meaningful to your public.
  • Make your brand a source of influence and inspiration: Help  popularize new planting habits