About section

This section provides an overview of your project. This is the main link to describe what your project is about. Includes Key Elements, Planting Team and Project Descriptions.

This section is composed of 3 subsections:

Key Elements

In this section, you can add the key elements that are part of your project. Also, you'll be able to let the community know about the specific areas your project is involved in. For more information on the key elements, please check our About section - Key Elements article. 


The Planting Team
This section allows you to add your team members to your project’s 'About Page'.
Simply click on 'New Member' and provide at least their full name, role, and photo in order to save a new member of your team.

Project descriptions
This section allows you to elaborate on the information about your project. You can leave the fields that do not apply to your project blank.

Please ensure that all the descriptions are well written and presented in English:

  • Project description: Could you please provide a detailed description of your project, highlighting its main goals, activities, and expected outcomes? How are you working towards fulfilling them, and what milestones or achievements have you reached so far? What are the risks and mitigations related to your project? Describe the external risks, like issues with location or climate, and how you'll address them. Also, outline the internal risks, such as staff shortages or transport problems, and your strategies to manage them.
  • Impacts and benefits: Could you kindly share the positive outcomes and benefits that have emerged from the development of your project? Feel free to list these points (bullet points) for clarity.
  • Country general context: Could you provide some insight and details into the general context and environment of the country where your project is located?
  • Regional context: Could you provide some details about the regional context of where your project is based?
  • Project history: Please share the history and background of your project.
  • Land management practices: Please share details about soil preparation, tree watering, planting spacing, fertilization process, weed control, planting density, planting methods, and any other relevant nursery or land management practices. How is the monitoring and evaluation process? Share your protocols for tracking and assessing your project, including tree planting and survival methods, biodiversity impacts, and tree growth monitoring. Additionally, you can share your monitoring team's structure and post-plantation maintenance practices. You can also specify your commitment to years of maintenance, and minimum survival rates for trees.
  • Other related activities: Is your project engaged in any additional initiatives or tasks that complement your main activities? If yes, could you provide some details about these?
  • Local communities involvement: Does your project involve collaboration with local communities? 

    If so, please elaborate on their roles and contributions.

  • Planting season: Could you share the specific months during which you focus on seedling production in your nursery, and when do you usually proceed with planting these trees in the field?
  • How to visit the plantations: Please note that sharing project-related emails or website details is not permitted.

1. Visit from the Tree-Nation team 
A Tree-Nation project manager will contact you to discuss the most suitable time of the year for our team to visit your project site.

2. Donors and individuals visits 
Our donors, sponsors and online community often express interest in visiting our projects, which we greatly appreciate. However, due to time constraints, Tree-Nation doesn't organize these visits. If your project does offer opportunities such as guided tours, volunteering, ecotourism, or team building activities, we would love to share this information with our community. Please provide details of your visit policy and instructions, which we will then make visible in this section.

Does your project organize:
2.1. Self-guided visits: YES / NO
If your project does offer self-guided visits, we kindly ask you to provide the following information:
- Identify the planting sites that are open for visitation
- Share the GPS coordinates of these sites
- Give specific directions on how to reach these planting sites, such as access routes, detailed directions, maps, and any other pertinent information
2.2. Guided visits: YES / NO
2.3. Volunteering: YES / NO
2.4. Ecotourism: YES / NO
2.5. Team building: YES / NO


Tree-Nation and its employees assume no responsibility or liability related to the visits of projects, and cannot be held responsible for any event that would occur during these visits.