Net Zero Team: make your team carbon neutral

Gift monthly trees to your employees to offset their work-related emissions

Net Zero Team 1

The service

The Net Zero Team service gifts trees to your employees while helping to offset their work-related CO2 emissions. These emissions can stem from activities such as:

  • Electricity use

  • Food consumption

  • Small office supply purchases

  • Short-distance travel

  • Occasional long-distance travel

Signing up for this service is easy: you will provide us with the number of team members in your company, along with their names and e-mail addresses, and we will gift them trees each month!

Your benefits

Planting trees on behalf of your employees serves as tangible proof of your company’s commitment to the environment. By using the Net Zero Team service, you can communicate your participation in the fight against climate change, fostering a sense of pride and purpose among your employees. This initiative will allow you to attract and keep environmentally conscious talent while at the same time contributing to your corporate responsibility goals.

Tree-Gift collection

Each month, your team members will be individually notified via e-mail that they have received their Tree-Gifts. These e-mails will include information about the surprise tree species of the month and the number of trees planted for them. To view sample Net Zero Team e-mails, click here.

Within their notification e-mail, employees can click through to the tree collection page, where they will see the following message: 

Net Zero Team 2

Net Zero Team trees will appear in both your employees' and your Company Forest. Within your forest, trees that have been collected will display the recipient’s full name, while those not yet collected will show only their first name and the initial of their last name:

Net Zero Team 3

If your company has less than 250 employees, you may subscribe to Net Zero Team here. For larger companies, fill out the form below: 


Complement your Net Zero Team solution with our suite of services: Net Zero Product and Net Zero Website to reach carbon neutrality, or become climate positive by joining the Tree-Nation Pledge.