Net Zero Team - Make your team neutral

Offset your team’s CO2 emissions by covering all office and travel-related activities.

Our Net Zero Team service allows you to offset all the CO2 emissions of your company that are related to your team.

This service is part of a trio of services aimed at covering all your CO2 emissions as a company. It can be complemented with 2 other services: Net Zero Product and Net Zero Website. Learn more about our methodology in Tree-Nation Climate Positive solutions

The Net Zero Team service covers activities such as using electricity at work, food, small office material, short-distance team travel, and occasional long-distance travel. Each month, every member of your team will receive their trees and an email will inform them of the surprise species of the month. Therefore, this will became a Planting Habit

Just add the number of team members and we will do the rest!

The cost for each employee is 3€ per month.

Per month: 2 trees planted, 300 Kg of CO2 offset

With this program, each employee will receive their new trees in their own forest on Tree-Nation every month. An email is sent automatically to the employees to inform them of the new species planted for them this month.

Learn more about how to implement this Planting Habit. Click here to start your Net Zero Team program.

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