Offer your Tree-Gifts through a unique URL

Share a single unique URL to multiple recipients and gift a tree to each of them

This service allows you to generate a unique URL and send it to multiple users so that each user can individually collect their tree from the same URL.

This is practical when you have multiple clients, and want to minimize your marketing content or development efforts. This is where this service creates the perfect bridge by allowing you to use a single URL that will work for all your Tree-Gifts. 

Once clicked, the URL will redirect the end-user to its individual Tree-Gift. From there on, the experience is exactly the same as for any other Tree-Gift. 

Test it!

Feel free to test our unique URL link below to receive a free Tree-Gift from Tree-Nation and see how it works! Click here:

Customization and requirements:

  • 'offline-tree-gift' is customizable in the URL.
  • The landing page language is also customizable.
  • This feature is available for campaigns of 1000 trees minimum. No extra fee is charged besides the price of the trees.

Step 1 - Generate the trees for the Unique URL

Use the Offer Trees service using the advanced options. 

Here is a video tutorial, but you can also follow the steps below:

1- Choose the species.
2- Choose the number of trees per recipient (if you want to offer 1 tree to 1000 recipients, put "1" here).
3- Select the image and write a message for the tree the recipient will see.
4- Click on 'Offer to a large group' at the end of the page and then click on advanced options. This will allow you to send the trees yourself through a unique URL.
5- Enter the number of recipients.
6- Proceed to checkout.

Step 2 - Fill the form 

Once you have made the purchase, please fill in the form below and we will get in touch with you:

Step 3 - We will generate your Unique URL

You will receive email from our side that will include the Unique URL. You will be able to then use this URL in your online campaign.


See also
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