How to do a 1 product 1 tree campaign with platforms for which we have no automation

If you use platforms like Amazon or Wix, for which we have no webhook automation yet, you can still do Net Zero Product by following these steps.

We offer an automated solution for the main e-commerce platforms. Please first check if your e-commerce platform is listed. If so, this would be the easiest way for you to gift trees.

If your platform is not on this list, then you have 3 options:

  • Use a semi-manual option that requires no coding but will need more manual input from your side (recommended for small and midsize e-commerce).
  • IOT (Internet of Trees) a selection of the largest and most used platforms with which you can plant trees through Tree-Nation. 
  • Use our API, which will require coding from your side but will offer you the most customizable, instant, and automated gift-sending solution (recommended for large SAAS).

As the API requires more work, you can also decide to start with the semi-manual solution to get started and only switch once you receive good feedback from your clients for offering them trees and taking care of the environment.

Semi-manual solution

1. Inform your clients in their purchase confirmation email

You can modify your purchase confirmation email to include a note saying a tree will be planted on their behalf with this purchase. Inform them they will receive an email in a few days about their trees.

2. Compile your client list

Every week, 15 days or a month (you decide the frequency), compile on a spreadsheet the list of clients who made a purchase for the period. You just need to put their email in column 1 and full name in column 2.

3. Send the trees

Then you can go to our Plant section to offer the trees. Learn how to use our Offer trees with advanced option

IOT solution

With our Internet Of Trees, you will be able to connect the platform you want to the Tree-Nation platform. Once set up, your software will be able to request a tree each time you need it (each time you have a new purchase) and the IOT will return the tree-gift URL back to your system. You can decide and parameter the IOT to either send a tree-gift email to your clients or not (and let you do it).
Check here the platforms we have available 

API -  Ideal for large projects, apps, and SAAS platforms.

Please consult with your developer or IT team and provide them access to our API documentation

To go further

Discover also how to communicate on your 1 product 1 tree campaign, not only on your website but also on your product with a QR code.