Planting habit recipe #TeamSpirit

Empower your employees to offer tree gifts to each other in order to improve their team spirit. They can offer trees to say thank you, show support or congratulate somebody.

Planting Habit Team Spirit

Platform category: Communication

Platform: Slack

Recommended for: Companies that want to develop both a team spirit culture and have a positive impact at the same time.

Concept details:
Within your company’s collaboration platform (Slack, Microsoft Teams), you can allow your team to offer trees to each other. To plant and offer a tree, any employee will simply need to reply to the person they want to offer a tree to with a special Tree-Nation Emoji. This gift recipient will receive a Slack/Teams message in their personal channel with a message and a link to their tree gift.
With this Planting Habit your employees can congratulate other team members, show their support for their hard work, their empathy when they are sick or just say thank you by offering a Tree-Gift.


  • Win for the planet: this Planting Habit will allow to plant a large number of trees in a very simple way.
  • Win for your company: make your employees more engaged and happy while building your company forest in a meaningful way.
  • Win for the team: each team member will feel more valued, improve their work relations and enjoy the fun of this gamification tool.

How it works:


PH Process

* More info on the email sending here
** More info on the tree-gift collection here

Please contact your FSM through this form for more information.

Recommended tree quantity:
1 tree/trigger. You can recommend your employees to each send a maximum of 1 to 2 trees per week.

Implementation options:

Billing options:

  • Monthly invoicing: At the end of each month, Tree-Nation will automatically generate an invoice based on the number of trees planted during that month. Simply pay the invoice via bank transfer.
  • Credit auto-renew: Tree-Nation will automatically re-credit your account using your credit card whenever it is running low on credits. You can customize the credit amount based on your tree planting volume.

If you are a new user, you get 100 free trees to start with to start discovering our service at no cost. (learn more)


Checklist of needed information from your company to implement this planting habit:

  • Tree package selected (Learn more)
  • Number of trees offered per trigger
  • The tree-gift sender (either Tree-Nation or your company)
  • If you want Tree-Nation to send the gifts - please select one email language between these options: English/ French/Spanish/Italian/Portuguese/German
  • Tree-gift message
  • Tree-gift image
  • A company account on the test environment