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Project List

Discover all the reforestation projects where you can plant

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Start Planting with Ease

  • Explore Our Projects: Discover reforestation projects around the world where you can contribute. Use our intuitive filters to find projects that align with your interests and criteria.

  • No Expertise Needed: You don’t need to be a forestry expert to participate. We guide you through every step, ensuring a fulfilling and impactful experience.

  • Impactful Projects: We select projects that have a significant role in combating climate change, restoring biodiversity, and supporting local communities. Learn more about our selection criteria here.

  • Professional and Experienced teams: We ensure that the local teams managing the projects are skilled, experienced, and aligned with our mission, values and best practices.

Where We Plant

  • Global Reach: We are planting trees in 28 countries across every continent.

  • Expanding Horizons: New projects and locations are continuously being added. Stay updated on our growing reach!

  • Interactive Map: Use the map feature and “Location” filter on our website to visualize where we plant.

Understanding Project Status

  • Active (Green Dots): These projects are ready for your funding and participation.

  • Under validation (Orange Dots): These projects are undergoing our rigorous validation process and could soon be activated.

  • Completed (Blue Dots): These projects have fulfilled their planting goals and are no longer active.

    To facilitate your search we recommend you filter by “Active” projects.

How to select a project

  • Use the Key elements: select the criteria and impacts you care about. For example you can focus on Fighting desertification or Fauna conservation. Or both!
    See also how those Key elements work: Key elements

  • Plant diversely: We encourage planting across various projects using multiple species to maximize the overall impact. The best about choosing is you don’t have to choose, you can plant everywhere 

  • Local or Tropical: While tropical projects are often recommended due to their high impact, choosing a project close to your community is equally valued. See Where are trees most needed?

Dive Deeper into Each Project

  • Project Details: Click on any project to find more details about this project, its objectives and impacts.

  • Species Selection: Within each project, explore the 'Species' section to understand the benefits and characteristics of each species.



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