Opção multi-linguagem para e-mails de presente na Prestashop

If you use the Net Zero Product service with Prestashop, this article will explain you how to configure multi-language.

Esse artigo será traduzido para português em breve. Desculpe o incômodo.

The multi-language option allows your customers to receive their tree-gift email in the same language they used while browsing your e-commerce. We currently support 7 languages on our website. If your customer is using any other language, their email will be sent in English.

Our PrestaShop plugin/module version 1.1.0 includes the multi-language option.
If you are using a former version of our plugin/module (version 1.0.0) you will need to update it to access multi-language. Version 1.0.0 keeps working nominally if you don't need multi-language.

How to update to version 1.1.0

1. Download the 1.1.0 version or a later version


2. Install it manually (not from the marketplace).

  • Go to:
    modules - module manager - upload a module - select the zip file
  • Check that the version has been updated to 1.1.0 (it was 1.0.0).
    If it didn't, you must uninstall the previous version and repeat the install process.
    (Different behavior can be due to PrestaShop managing caches differently in different installations)