Mein Net Zero Produkt erstellen keine Bäume

If you believe your Net Zero Product connection doesn't work, here is what you can do.

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After you've installed the Net Zero Product plugin and noticed a purchase on your website or you made a test purchase, a tree is planted in the regular case.

If no tree has been planted nor a tree gift has been sent, please re-do the configuration of the app to eliminate any copy-paste errors that might have occurred.

Test purchase: please make sure to use a different email address than you Tree-Nation login email address. Otherwise, our system will detect the accordance with your account and won't send a tree gift.

Update the app configuration 

By copying the unique Tree-Nation ID and pasting it to the Net Zero Product app configuration webpage in your Shopify store, please make sure to not add any [spaces] before or after the ID into the field.

After pasting the Tree-Nation ID, click 'Save'.

Please find the step-by step-instructions: Shopify integration with Tree-nation

Alternatively, you can watch this tutorial and follow the instructions step by step to re-configure the app: 

Additionally, we recommend checking your firewall settings to avoid problems receiving emails sent by Tree-Nation.

In case, there is still no connection between your store and the Tree-Nation platform, we kindly advise you to follow the manual installation instruction: Manual instructions (Shopify)