Cas d’étude à 2 niveaux pour l’API Tree-Nation

How to use the Tree-Nation API in a context of platform gamification around the tree-gifts

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The following case study explains one potential use of the API including 2 levels of interactions: a SAAS platform and the end-users of the SAAS.


Level 1 - The API user.
In this case study, the API user is a SAAS platform that wanted to include trees as a gamification mechanism within its platform. The SAAS platform connected to the Tree-Nation API in order to add the tree-gift reward system in its platform. 

Level 2 - End-Users
The SAAS platform provides access to the SAAS to their employees/clients, who are the real users of the SAAS service. The end-users are the tree-gift recipients which are rewarded to them in the function of their actions in the SAAS platform.


To pay for the trees it was defined that:

  • Tree-Nation would only be invoicing the API user, not its employees/clients. This allows to avoid additional approval processes from the clients to receive the gift at Tree-Nation.
  • The API user uses his “tree credits” to pay for the clients gifts. This automatically generates a new tree for every client making a specific action through the SAAS. 

Let's see an example:

Your company requests a pack of 1000€ tree credits. Then the SAAS Platform user subscribes or make a purchase through your platform (you make the decision of what triggers a tree gift). With that action, your client/employee receives a tree gift from your company, and the tree price is deducted from your 1000€ credits.

Invoices are paid by bank transfer. The period to pay the invoices can be adjusted to fit your company.

Tree creation

The main function of the API is to trigger/create a tree. When triggered, the API gives back a unique tree URL, which can be passed on to the end-user and serve as proof of planting and its own tree certificate.

Each tree-gift URL allows its recipient to collect the tree on Tree-Nation and have its own forest.

As part of the initial API configuration, it is decided if Tree-Nation sends its standard tree-gift email to the end-user or if this emailing task is taken care of by the API user. If Tree-Nation is tasked to send the emails, the recipient’s name and email can be passed through the API.

Each tree creation draws from the tree credits and will be limited to the availability of credits. 

In this 3-levels configuration each tree is linked to 3 forests: the corporate client forest (seen as the one gifting the tree), the end-user forest (seen as the one receiving the tree) and the SAAS platform forest (seen as a sponsor). 

  • All the trees are thus visible in the SAAS platform forest.
  • Each client has as many trees as they order, under your forest (the gifting company) and his forest as well (the recipient)


The API also provides the API user with a series of content that can be directly included in the SAAS platform. This include:

  • Detailed species information
  • Project information
  • Species planting availability (species “stock”)
  • Tree and CO2 counters for any given forest (the SAAS platform forest or the End-user forest)
  • Updates from the field (easy to read quick posts and longer articles, both with photographs).

Those updates can be requested in 3 different ways:

  • All project updates
  • All updates related to a single project
  • All updates related to a single forest (the SAAS platform forest, Corporate forest or End-user forest)

We keep improving it

Our API is built to be the ultimate gamification tool. We will make sure that it fits your configuration requirements and plan to keep developing its functionalities in the function of our clients' feedback. So please do not hesitate to ask us for new features that would make sense for your business, we’ll try very hard to make it happen!

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