Comment puis-je limiter les Produits Net Zero à certains de mes produits ?

If you want to "limit" to some products. Example all products A,B,C plant 1 tree, but product D and E don't plant.

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It may be that your company doesn't want to offer the same numbers of trees for the different types of product. In this case, we can customize it. We will create different lists for each number of trees you want to offer and for those you don't want to offer trees. So, if you have a range of products that you want to offer one tree for each purchase, another range of products that you don't want to offer trees, we will need your products ID sorted by number of trees you want or not to offer. 

Note: using this setting means that each time you launch a new product which will offer trees, you will need to inform us, and provide the new ID, otherwise this product will not offer any tree. 

How to find your product ID