Come limito Prodotto Net Zero ad alcuni dei miei prodotti

If you want to “limit” the integration to some products, for example, products A,B,C plant 1 tree, but products D and E don't plant, you can do it.

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It may be that your company doesn't want to offer trees for all the products you offer. In this case, we can customize it. So, if you have a range of products that you want to offer a specific number of trees for each purchase, and another range of products that you don't want to offer trees, we will need the product IDs of the products that should trigger the tree gift. 


  • Using this setting means that each time you launch a new product which will offer trees, you will need to inform us, and provide the new ID, otherwise this product will not offer any trees. 
  • All products that will trigger a tree-gift should have the same amount of trees gifted for each product. There can't be a unique number of trees gifted per product. 

How to find your product ID