Adopt new Planting Habits

Define your reasons for planting trees and make it a habit.

Picking your own planting habits

Usually, the first thing we recommend for our community is to define  the Planting Habits. By this, we do not mean a contractual commitment, but a moral commitment towards your network.

To make sure we offer the best possible services for you, and to make sure we keep improving such services, we have a policy that allows you to stop at any time (unless you prefer to sign a specific contract with us that stipulates otherwise).

Taking such planting habits toward your network is essential. Primarily, because sustainability is synonymous with continuous involvement. Sustainability is not a trend or a one-time event. Taking environmental habits is also the best way to develop a steady stream of communication with your friends, clients, employees, and partners inviting them to plant trees too. 

Adopting the right Planting Habits

Adopting planting habits is obviously a strategic decision that only you can make. Our 15 years of experience working with +10,000 companies, and a countless number of citizens, on their commitments enable us to provide you with some recommendations and with what we consider to be the best practices. Please don't hesitate to reach us asking for advice.

We believe a good commitment is a sustainable one. 

Sustainability is the ability to exist constantly. - Wikipedia

Sustainability is not just about caring for the environment, but also about the long-term healthy relationship between you/or your company and the environment. Taking care of yourself or your company without taking care of the environment is obviously not sustainable, but the opposite is also true: taking care of the environment without taking care of yourself or your company is also not sustainable.

In the Planting Habits concept of the Knowledge Base, you will learn more about what we believe is the most sustainable way to keep planting trees.  To go further, we encourage you to discover the entire section we have dedicated to Planting Habits. You'll see the most commonly used Planting Habits but we also encourage you to invent your own trigger for planting a tree.