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Do we have automated systems for planting trees?

Yes we do! In fact most of our services include automation options.

Plant monthly/yearly

When you plant or offer a tree you can decide to make this a recurrent event. You can define if you want to plant this tree every month or year. Just go to our Plant section, you'll be able to select your planting frequency on the checkout page.

Net Zero Citizen

This service allows you to offset all your personal CO2 emissions and become CO2 neutral.
Tree-Nation select new species every month and automatically plant the trees to offset your CO2 emissions. Click here to access our Net Zero Citizen program.

Net Zero Team (for companies)

Offset the CO2 emissions of your employees and offer them trees every month. All automated. Discover Net Zero Team.

Net Zero Products (for companies)

Link any action on any of your products or services to trigger a tree-gift for your clients. We offer automation on many different e-commerce sales platforms such as Shopify or Woocommerce. This will allow you to create a 1 product 1 tree campaign. Discover Net Zero Products.

Net Zero Website (for companies)

Install a smart label on your website to offset all the emissions linked to your website.
This label will track your website emissions and automatically convert them into trees planted in order to offset your website emissions. Learn more in your company's impact section.

IOT - Internet of Trees (for companies)

Program any action on your site or software to trigger a tree-gift for your customers. Learn more about our IOT (Internet of Trees).