IOT - Internet of Trees

From one click to the canopy: A visual tour of Tree-Nation's integrations across the leading digital platforms.

In the digital age, tree-planting has integrated seamlessly into our online experiences. The platforms and services we use every day now offer ways to contribute to the ecological movement. At the forefront of this transition is Tree-Nation, which has bridged the gap between e-commerce and reforestation. This article offers a visual journey through Tree-Nation's various integrations, making it easier than ever to plant trees with just a few clicks.
Thinking of ways to make this integration feasible, we came up with the Internet of Trees: the main tool to leverage tree-planting and thereby help us fulfill our mission of planting 1 trillion trees by 2050.  Simply click on the platform you are using to open the integration manual.

If you use a platform that we don't support, you can still offer trees to your network. Check the advanced option to offer trees, or learn about our API connection

To help you set up the trigger for planting trees, which we call Planting Habits, you can also take a look at our Planting Habits section.

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