Editing your trees

If you for some reason want to edit the trees after sending them to someone, you can. Here below we explain you the step by step:

  1. Go to 'My Forest' in your profile section
  2. Click on the tree you have gifted

At the bottom right of the picture, an Edit button will appear, click on it and you'll be able to change both the text and the tree picture.

Screenshot 2022-08-18 at 15.33

How can I be sure that the recipient collected my trees?

If you go to the My contributions section of your profile and scroll down to the offered tree section, you'll be able to see if a tree has been collected or not underneath each tree:

Visit my contributions section here.

Collected tree

Here is how a set of trees looks when it has been collected:

Not yet collected tree

Here is how a set of trees looks when it has not been collected yet:

Please note that we deliver 2 email reminders for your tree-gifts: one 48 hours later than the first email and another one 10 days later.

If you don't want to wait for the email reminders, you can click on the orange bar to get a few options to speed things up:

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