Project funding: read our latest quarterly report

Your funds will mostly go directly to the local project you support, but we also use a part of the fund to build and keep improving our global reforestation platform and advance education on climate change.

Our platform is highly scalable and designed to be 100% self-service and automated. This way, over time, we expect to increase the share of your funds that will go directly to the local projects.

Overview of our cost distribution

We maintain reports on how we handle the funds.  Please have a look to our latest reports:

Annual report Year 2022  (pdf)

Quartely report Q1 2023 (pdf)

Quartely report Q2 2023 (pdf)

Highlights from our last report:
  • 32,5 million trees planted since inception!!
  • 3,8 million trees planted this quarter.
  • Product: Platform map project Launched
  • Operations: Launched company-wide reporting
  • Projects: 11 project verification visits
  • Growth: Launch the outbound and Email
    mapping projects 

Highlights from our last year:

  • Updating our mission to 1 trillion trees.
  • Hiring 15 new employees in 2022.
  • Successfully completing our IT refactoring.
  • 27 Million trees planted since inception,
  • 12,9 million just last year (48%).
  • 5 Millions € of revenue in 2022, an increase of 64% from last year.
  • Started building our global company management software to manage all our operations seamlessly.