My Company Forest

As a company, you can have your own forest! This is the place where you can see and collect all the trees you plant. Your forest includes various sections we explain below.

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By creating an account on Tree-Nation, you will immediately start your Company Forest! Your forest is your personal space for your tree planting activities. It includes:

Tree counter

The tree counter counts all the trees your company plants, the trees offered to your company by someone else, and also all the trees your company offers as gifts.

CO2 counter

This counter calculates the amount of CO2 that is captured by your company's trees, which represents the amount of CO2 your company offsets: the CO2 your company managed to remove from the atmosphere. 

Trees and seeds sections

These sections display all the trees that your company plants, offers, or receives from a friend. Each tree has a virtual space for personalization and embeds the information of the physical trees planted. Your Company Forest is not geographically limited so you can plant trees from different locations in it! 

Friends section

Your friends section allows you to quickly offer them trees for any occasion. It will also show all your friends who registered when you offered them trees. 

Impact section

This section lets you visualize the impact of the company’s reforestation efforts with nice stats and graphs about the company's forest. It shows you where you plant the most and your planting frequency. Learn more about your Impact section.

Updates section

The updates section will frequently display news from the projects where you have trees planted. This section will update regularly so you can follow the progress of all the projects you care about.

Even if you don't have trees from a project, you can still follow it and it will start displaying its updates on your forest. Learn more about your update section.

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Edit your forest profile

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