Payment options for Net Zero Product & IOT

In order to make the most of Tree-Nation, it is important we set for you the right payment system. Please select below the right option for you.

Each time you request a new tree through the IOT (Internet of Trees) or a webhook (Net Zero Product) we will use your account credits to pay for this tree. If you have no credits, no tree can be planted, and your tree request will not work.

Therefore, it is important to set up your credits so you can always request new trees. Here are your options:

Pre-credit your account

This is the by-default option. Your tree request will use your credits. You need to pre-credit your account with a credit card and use the 'auto-refill' option to automate your payments and avoid interruptions.

With Auto-refill, when your credits reach 0€ we will automatically charge your credit card the same amount in order to recharge your account credits. Each time we charge your credit card we also issue an invoice. All your invoices will be visible in your account under the section Invoice.

Additionally, we set up a 10€ extra credit line to make sure your trees are still delivered even if your payment failed temporarily. You will then receive an email to alert you so you have time to update your credit card or contact us.

Pay at the end of the month

If your volume is above 200 € /month you can request us to change your credit system to pay at the end of the month in function of the number of trees you needed for the period.