Plant & Offer trees

Tree-Nation is designed to make the action of planting a tree a very simple task.

Plant and Offer Trees is our manual solution. We also have an automated solution

Here you will find a few video tutorials to help you browse our website with ease:

How to plant and offer trees

  1. Log in to your account to enter your digital forest.
  2. Click ‘Offer Trees' in our Plant & Offset section.
  3. Follow the steps in our page to customize the tree you plant by selecting its planting project and species: 

  4. Decide whether you prefer to plant or offer the trees 

  5. Select the quantity. Keep in mind that the number of trees you select will be gifted to each recipient.

  6. Personalize your Tree-Gift message by adding a caption, photo or video to decorate your digital tree.  You can also check this section to learn more about the Tree-Gifts. 

  7. Use the ‘Recipients’ section to add your tree recipients one by one or click the ‘Offer to a large group’ option to add recipients in bulk from an excel or google sheet.
  8. Click on 'Plant your trees' and complete your checkout to finish sending your Tree-Gift.

How to Plant:

How to Offer:


What it's like to receive a tree

Discover what the experience of your recipients will be when they receive their trees by watching the video below.